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An Ode to my Ipad

My iPad has been life changing. And yes, that’s dramatic but when I truly think about it, it’s not an exaggeration.

I am extremely lucky to have an iPad pro and iPencil and it has genuinely been one of the best purchases my husband and I have ever made, although much more for me than for him!


The technology behind it is extraordinary, and for a non-technological mind like mine it is unfathomable too. And without the science behind it, and the design of the software, I really wouldn’t be able to sit here right now and type this out - I’d be years behind where I am now.

Now this is not me sounding the death knell for pens/paper/paints etc. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I’m a stationery lover and always will be, but from a work flow perspective my iPad has fundamentally changed how efficiently I can work, and helped me develop and hone my style in an experimental way I wouldn’t have been able to do direct onto paper at any where near the same speed.

For example one of my first ever proper patterns is a Cactus print and for that I hand drew the cactus, handpainted colours and textures to impose on to it, and then scanned all the elements in to photoshop to play around with. And whilst the process is relatively simple, once scanned in the handdrawings needed cleaning up, lines neatening and the balance in textures sorting all before I could start arranging and recolouring into the final pattern you see.


What my iPad allows me to do is retain my general handdrawing style (up to a point as it will never fully replace the pen and paper), but clean and tidy as I go and then with a few clicks I can move drawings from my iPad straight into my chosen software programme where I can clean and tweak before the arranging-recolouring-rearranging-recolouring process begins. Drawing direct on my iPad means they can be more detailed and complex, allow me to be more precise and to experiment to an extent I couldn’t possibly achieve by hand in the limited working time I have.

heritage full motif.jpg
ipad pinterest animal board.jpg

The iPad also allows me to compose colour palettes, analyse images and pull together concepts without being chained to my PC. I do love being in my own space with my big screen and music blaring, but having the flexibility to get smaller tasks done whilst also being present in daily family life is game-changing in the search for the perfect family-home-work balance.

I will always love sketching on paper and encouraging my girls to draw and colour and create is one of my absolute favourite things to do with them. It is also true that there are effects and part of the drawing experience that you just can’t replicate digitally. But I will also forever be grateful for how my iPad has let me develop and progress, especially whilst off on maternity leave when precious time is so much more limited.

Have you got any pieces of tech that you absolutely couldn’t be without? Or will be eternally grateful for?

My iPad can even come to the hairdressers with me!

My iPad can even come to the hairdressers with me!