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I love Instagram. There, I’ve said it.

I don’t love everything about Instagram - I don’t need any food recipe boxes or gardening tips and if your algorithm knew anything it would know those are long lost causes - but I do love how visual it is, how inspiring it can be, and how much I’ve learnt from being able to see and read about causes and issues that would otherwise not enter my day to day experiences.

Instagram has helped me build my confidence in me and my work, and whilst it’s also been a key player in some of my most intense periods of anxiety and self-doubt I have also come to realise that I can manage what I see. And do you know what I make sure I see A LOT of? Colour and Pattern. And the more I see of it from nature, from posed holiday snaps, from artists and even from other designers, the more I realise that how I see that colour and pattern, and how it makes me feel, is unique to me. And that is so inspiring and powerful.

So, where am I going with this? I do have a point, honest, so just stick with me a second.

fern #patternspotting.jpg

We are bombarded with so much today that it’s overwhelming, but searching out something that you know can lift your spirits, give you inspiration, or just let you take a second it absolutely worth doing. And one of those things for me is the #patternspotting hashtag on Instagram. At times when I need to take a moment to drift somewhere it is genuinely my go-to tag and I just open the app and go straight for it, bypassing my feed, the masses of Stories across the top and all the random stuff I’m meant to ‘explore’. It’s also influencing what I’m putting into the world over on my feed too. As well as my own pattern designs I’m now more driven to share patterns and colour palettes that I see around me, which to some might seem unworthy of their feed, but if it makes them stop for a second and wonder why it’s there I think that’s job done. I’ve started a Highlights folder from my Stories with it too to save some of my favourites, as much as for me as any followers. The bottom line though is that it all makes me smile so I’m sticking with it!

Now please don’t take this as me trying to adopt the hashtag as my own, or assume any credit for it. I’m merely an Instagram user joining in the #patternspotting fun and encouraging you to do the same. But if you like colour and pattern, often in a very pleasing and satisfying formation, then it really is a # to follow!

chain swing #patternspotting.jpg
drawers thunderegg #patternspotting.jpg